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Men's Grooming

Men's Grooming

Introducing Laughlin Mercantile's exclusive collection of men's grooming products – where sophistication meets nature's finest. For the discerning and smart male shopper in pursuit of unparalleled quality and a commitment to natural ingredients, our handpicked selection is bound to captivate your senses and elevate your grooming routine to new heights. Step into a world where excellence and authenticity converge, as our curated collection presents a meticulously crafted range of products designed to enhance your natural charm. Explore our comprehensive line of grooming essentials, meticulously sourced from trusted suppliers who share our passion for sustainable practices and premium ingredients. From revitalizing facial care to invigorating hair styling solutions, each item in our collection is thoughtfully created to harmonize with your desire for both efficacy and eco-consciousness. Discover the unparalleled luxury that awaits you at Laughlin Mercantile, where the fusion of nature's gifts and uncompromising craftsmanship invites you to embrace the pinnacle of men's grooming. Embrace the transformative power of our products and unlock your true potential. Experience the difference that quality and natural grooming can make in your life.

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Universal Shampoo BarNatural Shampoo Bar with She Butter, Organ Oil, Cured - PHILANDRY
Universal Shampoo Bar Sale price$12.00 USD
Wolfsbane Fragrance for Men - Woodsy, Earthy, and Musky Cologne - Masculine  Rugged ScentWolfsbane Men's Fragrance
Wolfsbane Men's Fragrance Sale priceFrom $54.00 USD
Fragrance-Free Natural Deodorant Spray for Men  - Gentle and Chemical-Free FormulaFragrance-Free Men's Deodorant Spray - Natural and Chemical-Free - PHILANDRY
Natural Deodorant Spray Sale priceFrom $9.75 USD
Royal Argan Beard Oil - Nourishing Hair Balm - Baobab and Hemp Extracts - PHILANDRY
Organic Vegan Spearmint Lip Balm - Natural and Nourishing Lip Care - PHILANDRY
Sold outMen's Fragrance Cologne Sampler Wolfsbane and Solstice PHILANDRY
Solstice Men's Fragrance - Captivating and Alluring Scent - PHILANDRYSolstice Men's Fragrance
Solstice Men's Fragrance Sale priceFrom $48.00 USD
Time Machine Peptide Eye Cream for Men - Anti-Aging Skincare - Revitalizing Eye Treatment - PHILANDRY
Time Machine Eye Cream Sale price$26.00 USD
Birch Sap Shaving Cream - Moisturizing and Nourishing - Smooth ShaveBirch Sap Shaving Cream for Men - Close and Comfortable Shave - PHILANDRY
Birch Sap Shaving Cream Sale priceFrom $28.00 USD
Cut Throat Spirits Aftershave - Refreshing and Invigorating - PHILANDRY
Natural Body Scrub Exfoliation Exfoliator for Men Polish PHILANDRYPersonal Care Body Scrub Exfoliant for men PHILANDRY
Rough Grain Body Polish Sale price$27.00 USD
Peptide Face Moisturizer Lotion for Men PHILANDRY
Premium Body Lotion - Hydrating and Nourishing Skincare - PHILANDRY
Supernatural Body Lotion Sale price$29.00 USD
TONIK | Hair & Scalp PotionTONIK | Hair & Scalp Potion
TONIK | Hair & Scalp Potion Sale priceFrom $14.00 USD
Natural Cedar Body Wash Bubble Bath for Men PHILANDRY
Vitamin C Serum Skin Care for Men PHILANDRY
Sunrise Serum Sale price$33.00 USD
Dapper Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash for Men PHILANDRY
Dapper Face Wash Sale price$42.00 USD
REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte PomadeREUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade
REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade Sale priceFrom $11.00 USD
REUZEL Beard BalmREUZEL Beard Balm
REUZEL Beard Balm Sale price$14.50 USD
REUZEL Blue PomadeREUZEL Blue Pomade
REUZEL Blue Pomade Sale priceFrom $9.50 USD
Cut-Throat Shave Soap Traditional Wet Shaving for Men by PHILANDRY
Cut-Throat Shave Soap Sale price$38.00 USD
Retinaldehyde Anti-Aging Wrinkle Reducing Retinal Vitamin A Serum for Men PHILANDRY
Lunar Serum Sale price$90.00 USD
Ultimate Beard Conditioner with Keratin Amino Acid Complex Marula PHILANDRYUltimate Beard Conditioner
Ultimate Beard Conditioner Sale priceFrom $40.00 USD
Sold outREUZEL Grooming Cream
REUZEL Grooming Cream Sale price$13.95 USD
Double-Edge Heavy-Duty Chrome Wet Shave Safety RazorDouble-Edge Heavy-Duty Chrome Wet Shave Safety Razor - by PHILANDRY
The Tube Squeezer Key
The Tube Squeezer Key Sale price$3.00 USD
Lazy Bastard Wipes - Convenient and Refreshing Grooming Solution for Men - PHILANDRYLazy Bastard Cleansing Wipes
Lazy Bastard Cleansing Wipes Sale priceFrom $19.75 USD
Refining Toner Swipes - Deep Pore Cleansing and Exfoliation - PHILANDRYGlycolic and Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliation - Achieve Rejuvenated Skin - PHILANDRY
Refining Toner Swipes Sale priceFrom $42.00 USD
Black Label Facial Toner - Willo Bark and Edelweiss Antioxidant - PHILANDRY
Black Label Toner Sale price$36.50 USD
Mustache Comb
Mustache Comb Sale price$7.50 USD
REUZEL Red PomadeREUZEL Red Pomade
REUZEL Red Pomade Sale priceFrom $9.00 USD
Premium Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade by ASTRA
REUZEL Mustache WaxREUZEL Mustache Wax
REUZEL Mustache Wax Sale price$14.50 USD
Dermal Roller 2 mm Skin Care for Men PHILANDRYSkin Care - Skin Revitalizing Dermal Roller for Men 2mm
Folding Pocket Comb
Folding Pocket Comb Sale price$14.50 USD
The Beard Stimulator Dermal Roller 0.5mm PHILANDRY
BALM | Hair to ToeBALM | Hair to Toe
BALM | Hair to Toe Sale priceFrom $42.00 USD
Chrome Handle Traditional Shaving Brush for Men Shave PHILANDRY
PHILANDRY Signature CandlePHILANDRY Signature Candle
Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $10.00 USD
Dressing Table Comb
Dressing Table Comb Sale price$12.50 USD
Pumpkin Enzyme Mask - Exfoliating and Rejuvenating SkincarePumpkin Enzyme Skin Treatment Mask for Men PHILANDRY
Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Sale priceFrom $36.00 USD
Eaglewood Odor Eliminating Body Powder for Men by PHILANDRYEaglewood Body Powder with Sandalwood and Agarwood for Men by PHILANDRY
Eaglewood Body Powder Sale priceFrom $39.00 USD
Sold outMonster Beard BrushMonster Beard Brush
Monster Beard Brush Sale price$58.00 USD
Stainless Steel Shave Stand for Brush and Razor by PHILANDRY
Style | Forming Lotion
Style | Forming Lotion Sale price$42.00 USD
Hand Made Porcelain Shave Bowl for Traditional Shaving Soap for Men by PHILANDRYHand Made Porcelain Shave Bowl for Traditional Shaving Soap for Men by PHILANDRY Open Empty
Doublepunch+ Body Serum
Doublepunch+ Body Serum Sale price$57.00 USD