REUZEL Mustache Wax


REUZEL Mustache Wax has a natural-looking shine and ingredients that tame even the rudest of mustaches. So you can create a signature style strong enough to stand up to the day, the night, and any errant beer foam.

  • Strong hold
  • Natural shine
  • Beeswax based

Lend those lip whiskers some daily definition. (And give your sniffer a little treat as well.) Reuzel “The Stache” Mustache Wax helps you style your facial hair. And its light orange scent will leave anyone you kiss thinking you smell so damn fine. Pleasing notes of orange peel and spearmint.

28 g  ℮  1 oz


REUZEL "The Stache" Mustache Wax emulsifies easily in your palm. Smooth it on with your fingertips. Or, if you have an especially heroic ‘stache, blow it dry and then use the wax as a finishing touch.

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