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Otter Wax

Otter Wax

Back in the early 2010's Otter Wax founder, Chris Chase, was struggling to find a natural wax product to protect his favorite Filson rain jacket, an essential piece of outdoor gear that can last generations with the proper care.

While a few fabric waxes could be found, they all contained animal fats, petroleum distillates, mineral oil, or chemical preservatives. These ingredients contradicted Chris' love for outdoor activities and it seemed absurd to use these environmentally harmful ingredients on a jacket designed for those who love getting out into nature.

While the product hunt could be considered a failure, it was also the catalyst for what would soon morph into an obsession with formulating and making what would become the very best all-natural fabric wax.

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Leather Salve ConditionerLeather Salve Conditioner
Paw Protector
Otter Wax
Paw Protector Sale price$12.00 USD
Fabric Odor EliminatorFabric Odor Eliminator
Otter Wax
Fabric Odor Eliminator Sale price$12.00 USD
Sold outHeavy Duty Fabric WaxHeavy Duty Fabric Wax
Otter Wax
Heavy Duty Fabric Wax Sale price$15.00 USD
The Wax Smoothing ToolThe Wax Smoothing Tool
Otter Wax
The Wax Smoothing Tool Sale price$8.00 USD
Premium Horsehair Shoe BrushPremium Horsehair Shoe Brush
Horsehair Buffing BrushHorsehair Buffing Brush
Flannel Buffing ClothFlannel Buffing Cloth
Otter Wax
Flannel Buffing Cloth Sale price$8.00 USD