LAUGHLIN MERCANTILE is an independent retail store for men in Tucson, Arizona specializing in apparel, natural skincare & grooming, hair styling products, jewelry and fine art. It all began in March of 2018 in e-commerce culminating in the opening of the brick and mortar store at Mercado San Agustin in July, 2021.

The majority of products are made in the United States, with a great portion of those right here in Tucson. Even the main retail counter made of steel and reclaimed wood, the display shelves, jewelry case and other furnishings were made by local metalsmiths and woodworkers. Most items are exclusive to the store and unavailable anywhere else.

Mindful of the environment, minimal plastics and packaging are utilized, e-commerce operations are carbon-neutral, and for every product sold in the store, one tree is planted in North America.