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Body Care Products for Men by PHILANDRY


Welcome to our exclusive collection of personal care products for men, where self-care meets exceptional quality. Discover a meticulously crafted assortment of grooming essentials designed to elevate your daily routine. From revitalizing shampoo bars and nourishing conditioners to invigorating body washes and soothing lotions, our collection offers a comprehensive range of products to cater to your personal care needs. Each item is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to provide a luxurious and effective experience. Embrace the power of self-care and unlock your true potential with our collection of high-quality personal care products. Transform your grooming routine into a rejuvenating ritual and experience the confidence that comes with looking and feeling your best. Elevate your personal care journey with PHILANDRY and redefine your grooming standards.

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Universal Conditioning Shampoo Bar for Men - Multi-purpose Hair, Face, and Body Cleanser  - PHILANDRY
Universal Shampoo Bar Sale price$12.00 USD
Fragrance-Free Natural Deodorant Spray for Men  - Gentle and Chemical-Free FormulaFragrance-Free Men's Deodorant Spray - Natural and Chemical-Free - PHILANDRY
Natural Deodorant Spray Sale priceFrom $9.75 USD
Organic Vegan Spearmint Lip Balm - Natural and Nourishing Lip Care - PHILANDRY
Sold outNatural Body Scrub Exfoliation Exfoliator for Men Polish PHILANDRYPersonal Care Body Scrub Exfoliant for men PHILANDRY
Rough Grain Body Polish Sale price$27.00 USD
Premium Body Lotion - Hydrating and Nourishing Skincare - PHILANDRY
Supernatural Body Lotion Sale price$37.00 USD
Natural Cedar Body Wash Bubble Bath for Men PHILANDRY
Natural Daily Body Lotion Moisturizer for Men PHILANDRY
Everyday Body Lotion Sale price$28.00 USD
Nail Brush
Nail Brush Sale price$32.00 USD
Doublepunch+ Body Serum
Doublepunch+ Body Serum Sale price$57.00 USD