CULT+KING TONIK Spray-in Conditioner & Scalp Potion is a botanical masterpiece. Herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition scalp, follicle, and hair like no synthetic chemicals can. Spray TONIK into damp hair and beard after washing and before styling. Or spray it on your scalp and hair anytime.  Feel the tingle.

Spray TONIK into hair and beard after you get out of the shower, and let it work all day. TONIK soaks into scalp, skin and hair follicles with 20 natural, organic botanicals and essential oils for refreshed, rejuvenated, healthy scalp, hair and beard. Including saw palmetto, green tea, plus salicylic acid for deep cleaning.

It’s 6-in-1 hair conditioner, beard conditioner, scalp tonic, light-hold styling product, cutting lotion, and pH balancer (4.5) that resets hair and skin to a natural state.

It encourages clean healthy scalp and DHT Control. An effective natural scalp exfoliant that removes dirt, toxins and DHT from the pores. DHT is a naturally occurring testosterone in everyone’s bodies that is linked to hair thinning and hair loss.

Glass spray bottle: 180 ml ℮ 6 oz 

Aluminum refill: 360 ml ℮ 12 oz

Order both and save with free shipping.


Shake well. Spray in damp, clean hair and beard fresh out of the shower. Rub into scalp and skin for maximum effect.


• Paraben Free
• Propylene Glycol Free
• Phthalate Free
• Vegan, No animal products
• Cruelty Free
• Gluten Free
• Artificial Fragrance Free

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