REUZEL Beard Balm


REUZEL Beard Balm, because keeping a beard healthy is harder than it looks, gentlemen. For men who prefer a lighter balm to an oil (Royal Argan). Massage it in and your beard will instantly smell great and feel soft. More important, this beard softener will help your beard stay healthy at its roots, so you get less itching and beardruff.

  • Light hold
  • Low shine
  • Moisturizing

REUZEL Beard Balm is crafted with shea butter and argan oil. So you can soften your beard. And protect the skin underneath. Masculine, deep woods scent.

35 g  ℮  1.3 oz


Use a nail to scrap out a pea-sized amount. (Or a dime, if your beard is especially heroic.) Emulsify this beard oil balm between your palms and then rake your fingers through your beard and mustache. Make sure to massage the beard softener cream into your roots, so it can nourish and moisturize your skin underneath. Want the perfect handlebar mustache? Cocktail REUZEL Beard Balm with a dollop of REUZEL Pink Pomade Grease (coming soon).

All deliveries are carbon neutral

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