Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor


CLASSIC DOUBLE-EDGE SAFETY RAZOR with long handle is heavy-duty. A beautiful and ergonomic design with no-slip textured handle makes for a clean, close and smooth shave.

That disposable razor you've been using not only gives an inferior and more irritating shave, but not one part of them is recyclable. They go straight into the landfill or ocean. And it doesn't matter how many blades you stack on the head of the disposable razor—you do not get a closer, better shave. The traditional double-edge safety razor will revitalize the enjoyment of daily shaving with a closer shave, fewer nicks, less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs.

The razor comes with a box of five, long-lasting, double-edge platinum blades by ASTRA.

Message me if you purchase this razor and have any questions at all about using it. One great tip: let the weight of it do the work. You don't need to apply heavy pressure to get a close shave. 

10 cm • 111 g • 3.9 oz • Chrome Plated

All deliveries are carbon neutral

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