Choosing the Right Hair Product: A Guide for Men at LAUGHLIN MERCANTILE

Choosing the Right Hair Product: A Guide for Men at LAUGHLIN MERCANTILE

Navigating the vast array of hair care and styling products available can be overwhelming. With options ranging from shampoos to styling products, it's essential to find the right fit for your hair type and styling needs. To make your selection process easier, let's break down some of the key offerings available at LAUGHLIN MERCANTILE:


If you're someone who prefers simplicity and versatility in your grooming routine, the UNIVERSAL SHAMPOO BAR is a must-try. This multi-functional bar is not only great for cleansing your hair but can also be used on your face, body and beard. Its all-in-one design makes it perfect for the no-fuss individual who wants a streamlined approach to grooming. A cured soap, with an argan oil and shea butter base, it lasts a good month in the shower with daily use.


For those looking to give their scalp some extra TLC, the CULT+KING TONIK is an excellent choice. This conditioning spray is formulated with essential oils, dht blockers, and salicylic acid to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. With banana leaf juice as its base, it provides nourishment without leaving behind any greasy residue that helps condition and protect the hair from the elements and hot styling.


If you're in need of a product that offers conditioning and protection without weighing your hair down, the CULT+KING BALM is worth considering. This cream provides moisture and helps tame frizz, making it ideal for those with unruly locks. While it doesn't offer much in terms of hold, it can add a touch of texture and keep flyaways at bay. It will further help protect the hair from environmental stress and heat styling.


For gentlemen who prefer a more polished look, CULT+KING STYLE FORMING LOTION offers light hold styling without the stiffness. This product is perfect for achieving a natural-looking finish and is ideal for everyday use. Whether you're heading to the office or out for a casual night with friends, this styling product will keep your hair looking effortlessly put together.


If you're in search of a strong hold and high shine, look no further than REUZEL BLUE POMADE. This pomade is perfect for creating slicked-back styles or pompadours that require maximum hold and shine. Whether you're attending a formal event or just want your hair to stay in place all day, REUZEL Blue has got you covered.


For a more moderate hold with the same high shine, REUZEL RED POMADE is an excellent alternative. This pomade provides enough control to keep your hairstyle in place without feeling too stiff or heavy. Whether you're rocking a classic side part or a modern quiff, REUZEL RED will help you achieve the perfect look.


For those who prefer a more natural, matte finish with extreme hold, REUZEL EXTREME HOLD POMADE is the way to go. This pomade is perfect for creating textured styles with plenty of volume and definition. Whether you're going for a messy, bedhead look or a structured undercut, REUZEL will give you the hold you need without any unwanted shine.

And, of course, we must mention the beard and mustache specifically.


Picture this: a light conditioning oil that not only leaves your hair and beard feeling luxuriously soft but also envelopes you in an irresistible scent. Enter PHILANDRY's ROYAL ARGAN BEARD & HAIR OIL. This versatile elixir serves as a game-changer for deep moisturizing, penetrating both the beard and the skin underneath for optimal hydration. The result? A beard that exudes sophistication and skin that feels rejuvenated. Moreover, its light composition makes it equally suitable for nourishing your hair, imparting a healthy sheen without any greasy residue.


Is your beard reminiscent of a brillo pad, lacking the softness you desire? Fear not, for PHILANDRY's ULTIMATE BEARD CONDITIONER is here to save the day. Designed to tame even the wildest of facial hair, this conditioning treatment works wonders in softening and revitalizing your beard with regular use. While its primary focus is on beard care, it doesn't shy away from imparting its nourishing benefits to your hair as well. However, for those with finer hair on the head, it's worth noting that its richness may feel a tad heavy, so moderation is key.


Crafted with precision in mind, the REUZEL BEARD BALM stands as a testament to meticulous grooming. Its unique formulation blends conditioning agents with a waxier texture, offering not only nourishment but also a structured hold for your beard. Whether you prefer a neatly groomed look or desire a more sculpted style, this balm provides the perfect balance of control and hydration, ensuring your facial hair remains impeccably styled throughout the day.

11. REUZEL Mustache Wax

For aficionados of distinguished style, the REUZEL MUSTACHE WAX is a grooming essential. Tailored specifically for those sporting a handlebar mustache, this wax boasts a firm hold that's essential for shaping and sculpting. With its wax-like consistency, it enables you to craft precise curves and twists, commanding attention with every flourish. Whether you're attending a formal event or simply want to make a statement, this must-have product from REUZEL ensures your mustache stays impeccably styled, exuding confidence and charisma with every twist.

Hope that all of this information proves helpful. Finding the right hair care and styling product can make all the difference in achieving your desired look. Whether you're in need of a versatile shampoo, scalp-stimulating tonic, conditioning balm, or styling pomade, LAUGHLIN MERCANTILE offers a range of options to suit every preference and hair type. Experiment with different products to find the perfect fit for your grooming routine, and enjoy the confidence that comes with a great hair day, every day.

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