Eaglewood Body Powder: Ultimate Odor Protection by PHILANDRY

Eaglewood Body Powder: Ultimate Odor Protection by PHILANDRY

In a world brimming with products that promise freshness, PHILANDRY introduces a game-changer that effortlessly combines nature’s magnificence with modern man’s needs – EAGLEWOOD BODY POWDER.


Eaglewood is not just a body powder; it's an emblem of the evolved male spirit. Its core is powered by some of nature's most opulent offerings, such as sandalwood, agarwood, and the delicate allure of cherry blossom. Coupled with this are the robust essences of borneol, camphor, clove, and other mesmerizing herbs and spices, crafting a scent that’s both timeless and intensely masculine. It's more than a fragrance; it's an olfactory voyage that speaks to a man's very soul.




  • Odor No More: With its potent blend, Eaglewood doesn’t merely mask odors but actively repels them, allowing you to remain confident regardless of the day's challenges.
  • Diverse Application: From underarms and privates to feet and shoes, this body powder is the ultimate in versatility, ensuring you remain fresh, no matter the region.
  • Experience the Aroma: The woody and spicy notes of the Eaglewood resonate deeply, offering not just a scent but an immersive aromatic experience.
  • Freedom from Chafing: The meticulously milled texture of this powder guarantees reduced friction, ensuring that discomfort from chafing is a thing of the past.


  • Underarms: Maximize the benefits by pairing it with the NATURAL DEODORANT SPRAY. One puff post-spray ensures your pits remain odor-free and fresh.
  • Privates: A few puffs, and you’re set for a day of comfort.
  • Feet & Shoes: Step confidently with odorless feet, thanks to Eaglewood.
  • Anti-Chafe Magic: No more thigh burns. Just a puff, and you’re protected.
  • Versatility: The signature dry and spicy freshness of Eaglewood can be your secret weapon, wherever you choose to use it.


For those who truly understand the power of a harmonious scent, the Eaglewood Body Powder effortlessly complements PHILANDRY’s iconic WOLFSBANE and SOLSTICE Men’s Fragrances. Together, they weave an aromatic tale that’s both compelling and enduring.

In essence, PHILANDRY's Eaglewood Body Powder is not just a grooming product; it's a testament to understanding the intricacies of modern masculinity. Embrace it, and let every day be a statement of your refined taste and timeless magnificence.

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