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Stephen M.
United States United States

Love this wonder gadget

This is my second roller. Not really using it on my beard much. Prefer to use it on those thinning parts of my head. Leaves me feeling great.


Beard Roller Follicle Activator


BEARD ROLLER FOLLICLE ACTIVATOR has 540 ultra-fine, 0.5mm stainless steel needles to stimulate the follicles of the facial hair. It has been shown in clinical trials and studies that needles of just one-half millimeter are all that is needed to help stimulate the activation of dormant hair follicles as well and support the growth of healthy hair, resulting in a fuller beard with less patchiness. 

The Beard Activator comes with a case to keep it clean and safe. The handle has a unique soft-touch surface to prevent slipping in the hand, with a fingertip depression to ensure comfort and control during use.

The key to getting the best results is consistency and long-term use. It takes many weeks to start seeing results, which may vary.

Comes with a refillable 30ml spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol (70%).

135 cm • 62 g • 2.2 oz (including case)


Instruction videos in the works.

Intended to be used every three days, but more sensitive types may need to reduce to every four or five days, depending. Add a 3-day reminder to your iPhone.

Wash your face and beard well with either the Everyday Face Wash (COMING SUPER SOON!), Dapper Face Wash or the Universal Shampoo Bar. Pat dry with a clean towel.

Spray the roller liberally with alcohol prior to use to sanitize the needles. Roll with firm pressure over areas of the beard that are thin and you wish to stimulate growth. Roll up and down twelve times. Then left and right twelve times. Finally, at cross-cross angles, again twelve times.

I highly recommend spraying the skin with Cut-Throat Spirits Aftershave after use. It will reduce inflammation and unwanted irritation and promote exfoliation and cellular turnover.

And always spray the roller needles liberally with alcohol after use, before replacing into its case.


Yes. Be aware that you may see little pinpricks of blood on the scalp after use due to its very vascular nature. I recommend, when using on the scalp, to do so when fresh out of the shower, for a couple reasons. One, your scalp should be very clean (skip the conditioner on roller days). And two, the hair surrounding the thinning area on the scalp will be less likely to get caught up in the roller during use. As best you can, try to press any existing hairs flat agains the scalp as you slowly and gently roll over the thinning area. It will take a little practice.

PS. I actually also use it on my chest and am seeing nice results with quite a bit of new hair growth in the bare patches that I have in the middle of the pecs. More hair everywhere! 😃 Yay! 🦍


With regular use, twice per week, this Beard Stimulator should be replaced every six months. If the roller starts feeling wobbly or, upon inspecting the needles you see any bent ones at all, replace it right away. If ever you drop it, replace it immediately. Any drop, even from just a few inches, can bend and damage the needles (and get them dirty) and you must not use them on your skin at this point.

As with anything new, discontinue use if you experience any adverse reaction or undue irritation. Keep this tool clean and in its case when not in use.

All deliveries are carbon neutral

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