Porcelain Shave Bowl


PORCELAIN SHAVE BOWL with CUT-THROAT SHAVE SOAP is hand-thrown shave bowl with lid made of fine porcelain by local artisan Joni Pevarnik. Because they are hand-made there are small variations to each one and yours may be slightly different in appearance from the one photographed here. They are, quite simply, freaking amazing and simply handsome.

An depression on the side for the thumb helps to ensure you don't drop the bowl when your hands are wet. The exterior has a gun metal glaze, the interior sealed clear to show off the natural beauty of the porcelain.

Already filled with Cut-Throat Shave Soap after four to six months of use when you finally run out you can order a tin of the soap to refill your bowl. 

Because it is hard, cured soap, it requires the use of a Shave Brush.

All deliveries are carbon neutral

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