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Article: Unconventional Social Media Strategies and Why I Post What I Post

Alec Laughlin designer founder of PHILANDRY

Unconventional Social Media Strategies and Why I Post What I Post

In the dynamic landscape of social media, where fleeting attention spans and content diversity reign supreme, unconventional branding approaches have emerged as essential tools for small, independent businesses striving to carve their niche alongside industry giants. A perhaps distinctive example of this strategy lies in the fusion of playful humor and original visual content which contributes to enhancing brand recognition for the burgeoning clothing and men's grooming ventures here at Laughlin Mercantile.


For small brands operating on limited resources and advertising budgets, competing against established industry leaders presents a formidable uphill battle. Major players leverage substantial marketing capabilities to dominate both traditional advertising avenues and online platforms. Consequently, independent businesses encounter a significant hurdle in gaining visibility, capturing audience interest, and making their mark in the discerning consumer's mind.


The offbeat social media strategy I have chosen serves as a case study in unconventional brand promotion. With a blend of shirtless posts and humorous content, there is an earnest attempt to create a unique and unforgettable brand identity that defies industry norms. This approach is more than just a way to get views and likes; it's a shrewd, unabashed attempt to establish a memorable, relatable, and human connection with my target audience.

While shirtless posts might initially appear to be purely attention-grabbing, they can also be seen as a representation of confidence and authenticity. In an era where consumers seek brands that align with their values and beliefs, my willingness to put myself out there and be the face of the brands expectantly fosters a sense of trust and transparency. By allowing my audience to glimpse the man behind the brands, I am attempting to create a connection that larger, more distant corporations often struggle to achieve. 


Integrating humor and playfulness into social media content emerged as a potent mechanism to cut through the cacophony of digital noise. The strategic decision to infuse humor and share light-hearted posts facilitates the creation of a more affable and approachable brand identity, and is a natural extension of my personality which is largely cheerful and mischievous. Amidst an inundation of serious and polished communication (of which I am no stranger and also leverage), eliciting smiles and laughter humanizes the brand, consequently enhancing memorability and engagement.


Beyond the visible layers of the strategy lies an unspoken commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Inclusiveness is woven subtly into the brand's ethos, reflecting a genuine respect for the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of its audience. This unassuming approach recognizes the importance of representing and catering to a wide range of individuals without resorting to overt soapbox preachiness in content. It's a reflection of the brand's genuine desire to create a welcoming space that resonates with people from all walks of life.


Moreover, this unorthodox approach to brand promotion serves as a powerful reminder that life over 40 is far from over. In a society that often emphasizes youth, the brand subtly challenges the status quo by showcasing vitality and enthusiasm irrespective of age. By embracing the spirit of reinvention, there is a demonstration that creativity and determination know no age limits, resonating with a potentially diverse audience seeking inspiration at various life stages.


In addition to my efforts in brand recognition through social media, I also maintain a modest modeling career on the side. This facet of my journey further enriches the content I share, blending with the family of posts that define my brand strategy. It's a natural extension of my commitment to authenticity and connecting with my audience on a personal level. This additional dimension allows me to infuse genuine experiences into my posts, creating a cohesive narrative that resonates with both my personal journey and the spirit of my independent clothing and men's grooming endeavor.


The strategy explored herein signifies a strategic adaptation to the challenges encountered by independent clothing, men's grooming and skin care enterprises. It stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and creative thinking necessary to flourish in an environment where distinctiveness and inventiveness often dictate success.

In a landscape dominated by colossal industry players, the unconventional approach demonstrated highlights the capacity of resource-constrained businesses to gain traction in the market. Through embracing authenticity, humor, and forging a personal connection with my audience, we challenge traditional paradigms of brand recognition, affirming that the path to triumph can be forged through inventiveness and originality.

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