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Article: Introducing The Luxury Tencel Jock: A Fresh Take on Men's Essentials

Introducing The Luxury Tencel Jock: A Fresh Take on Men's Essentials

Introducing The Luxury Tencel Jock: A Fresh Take on Men's Essentials

Alec Laughlin is excited to share a new addition to his collection, something a bit different than before: THE LUXURY TENCEL JOCK. This piece represents Alec's first venture into the world of men's undergarments, focusing on comfort, sustainability, and thoughtful design.

Currently available for pre-order, but once we hit our crafting cap, the pre-order window will close until we get into regular production down the road.


The decision to explore men's undergarments came from a simple realization: every piece of clothing, no matter how basic, plays a role in how we feel throughout the day. With The Luxury Tencel Jock, the aim was to create an undergarment that feels good, supports well, and aligns with the values important to both Alec and his customers.


Choosing Tencel as the main fabric for this item was no accident. Known for its eco-friendly production process and fantastic wearability, Tencel offers a soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking base that suits the needs of the modern man. It's about bringing together the best of both worlds: sustainability and practical comfort.


With this jockstrap, the focus was on designing a product that fits seamlessly into the everyday. Whether it's for a workout session, a long day at work, or just lounging at home, The Luxury Tencel Jock is crafted to provide support without compromising on comfort or style.


Alec invites you to try The Luxury Tencel Jock for yourself. It's a small change in your wardrobe that might just make a big difference in how you move through your day. This undergarment is Alec's way of sharing something that combines many elements he cares about: thoughtful design, comfort, and a lighter environmental footprint.


As Alec Laughlin takes this new step, he looks forward to hearing what you think. This venture into men's undergarments is not just about expanding a collection; it's about refining the essentials that accompany us every day. 

With The Luxury Tencel Jock, the hope is to offer something that enhances your daily routine, marrying the practical with the sustainable. Alec is just getting started and is excited for what's to come.

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