I Don't Do Sit-Ups

I tried to do crunches and sit-ups when I was working out with my buddy Titus a few months back. It was the first time since high school. It didn't go well. Overcome by a tremendous resistance, I always performed them reluctantly and only when he was able to convince me with tremendous encouragement and a little shame. And I always half-assed it, while he freaking tore it up. I won't swear off crunches and sit-ups forever, but it will take significant self-discipline to get into the regular practice. I'd rather strengthen my core with proper form in the weight room and yoga.

A few things about abs: First, six-packs are seriously overrated. I mean that. Second, six-packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Third, when I am photographed for PHILANDRY creative, we light the body in such a way that accentuates the musculature. We do not airbrush abs on, but the dramatic, high-key lighting makes them seriously pop. So, while the abs are legit, they are being shown in their very best light always.

This short post is a preface to the next couple of articles about What I Eat. I wish to impress upon you that if you are not seeing the results at the gym that you have been seeking, what you are eating could well be the culprit. And this doesn't need to be a painful process of change, nor do we need to deny ourselves entirely of treats that we enjoy so much. While regular exercise is of tremendous importance to our health, what we eat and when we eat (please see my previous article) is—dare I say—even more important.

So please stay tuned for the next installment. And as we really get going, don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have.