Introducing the Blog

Beginning today, I will be writing to y'all from my home office—or more accurately, propped up in bed after my morning coffee and routine, sharing my thoughts and experience regarding men's health, vitality, fitness and wellness.

I reckon my first responsibility with venturing into writing articles about such topics again is to first divulge that I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist nor personal trainer.

What I will share with you in these short articles is what I, through experimentation, have found works best for me. And I share it because these discoveries I have made about my own health and fitness could prove of value to you, knowing that everyone is an individual and my recommendations may, if adopted, be modified to suit one's personal needs and goals. Some may not apply at all. We are all so individual.

Much of what I discuss will be geared for older men, sure. But even if you're not fifty like me, or pushing it, I think you will find the articles informative and applicable.

Topics will include subjects like the following:

  • Herbs for athletic performance and general vitality.
  • My daily smoothie recipe and why it is critical.
  • Intermittent fasting.
  • The general diet I follow (and by diet I just mean what I eat daily, not some fad "diet" thing).
  • Balance and moderation.
  • Why I run barefoot, why you might want to as well, and how to do it properly.
  • My basic gym routine.

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The information on this site is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Looking forward to this.

Richard September 26, 2021

Looking forward to reading your blog!

Tommy Hickey September 21, 2021

Definitely can’t wait you always have cool things to share.

Justin Wertz September 18, 2021

Can’t wait to read your posts

Mattew Brown September 18, 2021

Excited for your shares.

Saul Salas September 18, 2021

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