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About The Brand

What does PHILANDRY mean? How is it pronounced?

What is the little symbol that usually appear under the logo and on the Wolfsbane bottles?

Does PHILANDRY give back?

Contacting PHILANDRY

Skincare Products

How long will a bottle last?

How long will the products maintain potency?

When can I expect results?

Are the skin care products natural?


What are the ingredients in your colognes, Wolfsbane and Solstice?

All About Product Subscriptions

What are product subscriptions?

Can I checkout with a shopping cart mixed with one-time purchases and subscriptions?

Discount Codes, Sales and Subscriptions

Can I set up more than one subscription?

Can I pause, cancel or update an existing subscription?

Shipping & Delivery

How do you ship orders?

Do you ship internationally?

When can I expect to receive my order?

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Other Questions

What other products do you plan to offer?

Are your products available for wholesale?